How To Find And Join Group Boards

How to Find and Join Group Boards On Pinterest

Group boards are one of the reasons Pinterest works so well to share your content. Group boards enable you to share your content with other peoples followers. Cool right? Unlike other social media sites where you have to hope someone will share your content, group boards are where a bunch of other people already want to share your stuff. Isn’t Pinterest nice?

So How Do Group Boards Work?

If you have heard the term “group boards” before but you are not really sure what that means or what the value you is, I’ll fill you in.

A group board is a board that they have created, that they then allow other people to join as contributors to the board. So now anyone who is a contributor can post their posts on this board.

What makes this so great is that everyone who is following your profile and anyone else’s profile who is a contributor has the possibility to see these pins. Your reach starts to grow exponentially even if you have new and don’t have many followers yet.

Group boards are a great way to further your reach especially if they are niche specific. There are many boards out there that will allow you to post whatever you want, but when you find niche specific ones then you know that the followers of those boards are really interested in your content.

So How Do You Find Group Boards?

Pinterest Search

To find niche specific boards, you can simply type {your niche} + Group boards and see what comes up. Make sure you select boards from the result.

Searching for Pinterest Group Boards

Click on the results to check if it’s a group, read the instructions to see if they are accepting new contributors and find instructions on how to join.

Pinterest Group Board Result

You can tell it’s a group board if there are multiple profile pictures when you click on the board. Group boards usually have multiple pictures in the profile picture for the group board as well.

Follow Influencers

Another great way to find group boards is to follow influencers in your niche and see what group boards they are on. This is a great way to see what group boards there are in your niche.

You can go to their profile, click on boards and start scrolling. This is probably one of my favorite ways to find group boards. After doing this a couple of times you will usually start to see some of the same group boards popping up because they are so popular.

Facebook Groups for Pinterest Group Boards

That’s right. There are Facebook Groups for Pinterest Group Boards. This shouldn’t surprise you as there is a Facebook group for everything.

People will post in these groups when they are opening boards to contributors. It is also a great place to ask to join other people’s group boards.

How Do You Join The Group Boards You’ve Found?

Most boards make it fairly easy to join. A lot of times they will ask that you follow their profile and then send them an email. They usually leave their email address, but that’s not always the case.

I’ve also seen quite a few lately that will have a link to a form you can fill out to request to become a contributor.

If that information is not readily available, this is what I do.

Click through to the group board owners’ website. The owner is the first one listed when you see the contributors.

Group Board owner Result

Search for an email address that I can contact them directly. If I can not find an email address, I will fill out a form on their contact page if they have one (which they almost always do).

You could also look through the other contributors on the board to see if you know anyone and you could contact them for information as well.

Another thing you could try is sending them a PM on Pinterest.

When you do contact them, make sure you give them this information:

  • Your Name
  • A link to your Pinterest Profile
  • Your Pinterest Email

Be sure to let them know you followed their profile (which most require) and that you will follow the group board rules.


Finding and joining group boards is a great way to share your content with new audiences, especially when they are related to your niche.

It does take a little time to search out the group boards, sending your request and wait for a reply. If you don’t get a reply, put it on your calendar to follow up weekly.  Board owners are busy and it may take them a little while to respond.

You can find new group boards by searching directly on Pinterest, following influencers to see what boards they are a part of, plus try joining some Facebook groups that are for finding group boards.

Set aside a block of time each week that you can work on to join group boards. This will help it from becoming overwhelming plus get you in the habit of continually finding new boards.


Do you have a successful method of finding group boards not mentioned? We’d love to know about it in the comments.

Are you looking for group boards on Pinterest to grow your Pinterest presence? Follow this process for finding and joining group boards in your niche.

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